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About us

The Antenna Stores are specialized chain stores belonging to an International Network.
The scope of work of these shops are mostly specialized sales and installation segment of Terrestrial and Satellite - Digital Television Systems and cable system installations, motion capture systems, CCTV, alarms, TV-Radio transmitters, GSM transmitters, optical fiber etc.
New Sector for Antenna Stores  is   LED lighting as well as LED signs.
Also in the stores of our chain you will find a wide range of batteries.
In the field of gadgets in Antenna Stores you will find the most reliable solutions in TV Box Android.
It is the most rapidly evolving GREEK Commercial & technician Chain Store starting in 1998 and a total of 68 active stores by 2014 in Greece, Boulgaria, Albania and Cyprus.

Antenna Stores Chain occasionally has represent renowned foreign companies such as:   

  • Televes  (Spain)

  • Cablecom (USA)

  • Neco (Hong Kong)

  • Sharp (Japan)

  • Triple Dragon (Taiwan)

  • Topfield (Korea)

  • Hyundai (korea)

  • Samsung (korea)

  • Dreambox (Germany)

  • Metabox (korea)